Italian Cookbook Recipes by Mario Mazzo

Italian Cookbook Recipes, by me Mario Mazzo, a New York born food lover and baker. My website features all types of food especially Italian food. You’ll find recipe tutorials on my blog page with some tips. Many cookbook recipe photos are located here too that are not inside my first cookbook. Want to learn how to make a delicious Sicilian Pizza or just interested in getting the free book? No problem. There’s also a kitchen tools page to check out and to find some stuff to your kitchen, stuff that you didn’t see in your local store.

Italian Recipes



Italian Cookbook

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Want to Make Italian Cookbook Recipe Favorites Everyone Loves?

 You’ve come to the right place. I think at least once in your life it’s a good idea to try some of these recipes.  I’m talking about those foods that people love to eat, especially comfort food like Pizza, Meatballs, Lasagna, Fettuccine Alfredo, French Toast, Omelets, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I learned to cook as a young teen in high school with the assistance of my Home-Ec teacher who just happened to be a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. There I leaned how to make perfect breakfasts, and a fantastic Apple Pie from scratch. One of our tasks was to create a breakfast menu, inviting all of the teachers to eat at our mock restaurant. It was fun, and after this I’ve never lost interest in cooking.

As an adult, I made more difficult recipes, and while living in Thailand for a while, attending a cooking class I made some Classic Thai dishes such as: Penang Chicken Curry, Drunken Noodles and a few others. The Thai Chefs at that school possessed the skills to teach me how to make food better than the stuff you eat at American Thai Restaurants. I say that because the restaurants in Thailand are much better than the Thai food in the United States. Well at least it’s hard to find a good one in the US after knowing what the real deal tastes like after living in Thailand. They choose the freshest ingredients from the local Thai Markets to make the freshest Thai Curry paste and many favorite Thai Dishes. And a little tip, the Big Noodle dish, as I call it is much better than the regular Pad Thai that most are accustomed to. The Thai chefs know all the secrets to making some of the best food on the planet.

So, after visiting some parts of the world, I’ve learned a few things. Hopefully I can help you to make cooking at home easier and more enjoyable. Of course my favorite is Italian Food, but I love eating and cooking many other types of food, especially while the music is turned up. Let me help you bring out the Master Chef that’s hiding inside.

~ Mario


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